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CTMAX Learning Center

NEW DRS IN THE HOUSE: The CTMAX offices are delighted to introduce to you two new surgeons who will be joining our Practice in December and January, Dr. Nicholas Saggese (Dec) and Dr. Siobhan Stephen (Jan).

Connecticut Maxillofacial Surgeons, L.L.C. or CTMAX, is pleased to announce that the CTMAX Learning Center is now in full operation. Our events are designed to provide continuing education credits to those selected and able to attend. Attendees were selected for their interest in progressive methods of practice and patient treatment modalities.

The learning center will comfortably accommodate up to 25 people for its half-day and full day sessions. The facility boasts full A/V support with well-placed large screen display systems ensuring easy participant viewing of the presented material. Presenters and lecturers have ample space to move about as needed and control all the A/V systems.

Inside this learning center site, you will find a wealth of information, an educational resource center if you will, to provide an ever increasing knowledge base about our specialty and make it accessible to all with interest, albeit referring doctor or patient.

CTMAX Learning Center
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