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Dental Implants Total Arch Restoration


Total Arch Restoration (Implant Supported Fixed Bridge)

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Using dental implants to restore an entire arch of missing or diseased teeth is not an uncommon treatment today. While considered to be an expensive solution when compared to a complete denture, it is often one of the more rewarding investments that a patient can make in their general health and overall sense of well being. Following a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan, the process generally begins with the extraction of all remaining teeth and the resolution of any associated infection and/or gum disease. Once the jaw is prepared properly, computer generated (CAD CAM) surgical stents can be developed in collaboration with your dentist to specify the placement of implants in needed places to support the proposed replacement of missing teeth with a “fixed” prosthesis. Following a prescribed time period after the placement of implants, the restorative dentist can initiate the construction of the final prosthesis. When completed, the result is best expressed by the phrase “only you and your dentist will know.”

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