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Orthognathic Surgery Augmentation Genioplasty


Augmentation Genioplasty

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It is not unusual for your medical insurance company to deem orthognathic surgery as a form of cosmetic surgery. While this is a convenient disclaimer to avoid their obligation to honor the payment of benefits, the truth is that nearly all orthognathic surgery is motivated principally toward the restoration of balanced function. However, there are a few procedures that are sometimes performed concurrently with orthognathic surgery that do have solely a cosmetic purpose. One of these procedures is the “genioplasty.” Once your surgeon has completed a pre-surgical plan that will maximize function and treatment stability, he/she will take a close look at whether he/she can complement your treatment to further maximize facial esthetics. Merely the fact that your jaws will be moved into a normal functional relationship will have the benefit of improving your appearance. It is certainly no secret that one’s facial esthetics is best when it is in balance and there is no single physical trait that detracts from the rest. The “genioplasty” is a relatively simple surgical method by which additional facial balance can be achieved. By making carefully calculated movements of the “chin button”, your maxillofacial surgeon can produce truly artistic improvements in lower facial projection as well as total facial height.

It is possible that your surgeon will suggest “genioplasty” as an option to you during your immediate orthognathic pre-surgical presentation. If so, he/she will explain how your facial appearance will benefit and show you photographic predictions of the surgical outcome. While most often performed in tandem with major jaw surgery, this procedure can also be performed as an isolated outpatient procedure. Because of the strictly cosmetic nature of this surgery, it will be your decision as to whether you would like to include this in your treatment plan. At Connecticut Maxillofacial Surgeons, we firmly believe in the expression that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

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