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Dentoalveolar Surgery Direct Bonding Impacted Cuspid


Direct Bonding – Impacted Cuspid

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By the time you become an adult, your jaws have been asked to transition from a total of twenty deciduous (baby) teeth to an adult permanent dentition comprised of thirty two. Adding to the complexity of this process is a programmed expression of growth that is ongoing in the midst of this sequence of change. The transition from the deciduous dentition to the permanent adult dentition is truly one of nature’s marvels. Therefore, it is not a surprise that in some patients a single tooth or two becomes stuck in their normal course of eruption. We call the condition of a tooth becoming stuck as the tooth becoming “impacted.” While this situation can happen at any location within the dental arches, one of the more common positions is that of the maxillary (upper) cuspid or “eyetooth”. Fortunately, all is not lost when this happens. In most cases with a coordinated effort of the orthodontist and the maxillofacial surgeon these teeth can be assisted to erupt into their natural resting place. As shown in the above video, a bracket with a gold chain is typically attached to these teeth during a simple office procedure. The orthodontist then assists the eruption of the impacted tooth by using gentle orthodontic forces. The result is a completely erupted tooth in its natural resting place and a lifetime of full function. “Only your dental team will ever know.”

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