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3rd Molar Extraction Full Bony


3rd Molar Extraction (Full Bony Impaction)

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There is hardly an individual today that has not at one time heard of or experienced “wisdom tooth” surgery. As with other facets of becoming an adult, it is nearly a rite of passage to have your “wisdom teeth” extracted at some point in time. Usually this recommendation is made to the patient by either his or her general dentist or orthodontist by the time they are sixteen years of age. Wisdom teeth are best removed when the teeth are not completely developed. This allows for the least amount of surgical trauma and assists in the preservation of valuable bone associated with the adjacent teeth. This video series demonstrates the typical position of “wisdom teeth” at the time of their removal. For the purposes of discussion and insurance reimbursement, impacted teeth are generally classified into one of three categories; either “soft tissue impaction”, “partial bony impaction” or “full bony impaction.” Each video attempts to demonstrate the surgical technique by which these teeth in their respective impaction categories are safely removed.

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